Prepared foods processor Simply Fresh Foods has adopted a new combined stretch and shrinkwrapping system – pioneered by Fuji – allowing it to produce fully sealed overwrapped trays.

The trays were previously stretchwrapped, with the PVC film below and tacked in place by a heated pad. Engineering manager Alastair Clark explains: “The stretch-shrink method gives us neater packs fully sealed for hygiene.”

Simply Fresh Foods has installed three Fuji Alpha 3462 stretch and shrinkwrapping machines from UK distributor Paramount Packaging Systems with Fuji multi-belt smart feeders that marshall trays accurately into wrappers.

These provide an initially tight wrap that requires little shrinkage, make a bottom fin seal trimmed close to the tray base and employ flow-wrapper style box-motion cross seal jaws to make a secure hermetic seal that allows gas flushing.