Intellident has developed a mobile barcode pen scanner powered by the Bluetooth wireless technology capable of scanning over 2000 barcodes from a single battery charge, making it ideal for stock-take/despatch consignments and a range of proof-of-delivery and system maintenance applications.

The new scanner is able to decode common UPC and EAN standard barcodes and, says Intellident’s mobile solutions manager Philip Sykes, is a viable alternative to equipping operators with dedicated barcode readers or utilising integrated hand-held scanners.

“Whilst a portable Bluetooth pen scanner isn’t going to be suitable for every application, the unit’s size and performance is capable of providing barcode information back to a PC/hand-held application in many areas where utilising dedicated or integrated barcode scanners isn’t really cost effective,” says Sykes.

The barcode pen scanner is able to operate in both batch and real-time, and has been utilised with Bluetooth powered laptops and hand-held PDA’s including the Compaq Ipaq and Sony Clie range of portable computers.