Packaging handling group Soco System has developed Onliner, a pack handling unit for use with Markem’s 5000 Touch Dry inkjet series for outer case barcoding and marking.

Onliner is claimed to meet the standards for high quality legible images and 100% scannable barcodes set out as best practice by the e-Centre’s Barcode Innovations Group.

The unit incorporates the Markem 5000 inkjet printer mounted on a floating head mechanism that ensures the head is always in contact with the case. This is said to guarantee the critical distance between printhead and corrugated case and is maintained to produce 100% print quality for barcodes, logos and visual recognition.

Its floating head design overcomes the potential for difficulties that may be encountered with varying sized boxes and other fluctuations in carton construction such as bowing or bulging, says Markem.

An on-line scanner is included to check barcode readability.