Valpak has agreed to sell its groundbreaking commercial glass collection business in a deal that will propel the UK towards meeting future recycling targets.

Recycle-more-glass, the scheme which collects mixed glass for recycling free of charge from pubs, clubs, restaurants and bars, has been sold to the UK’s largest commercial and domestic glass collector and processor, Berryman.

Recycle-more-glass has enjoyed unrivalled success since it started out in June 2001. After just 18 months it has already signed up more than 16 000 premises nationwide, including some of the largest chains in the catering and leisure trade. The scheme collects 60 000 tonnes of glass a year, the equivalent to nearly 200M bottles and jars.

The deal agreed with Berryman involves a payment for the assets, trade and goodwill of recycle-more-glass. This represents good value for Valpak and its members and ensures that this success can be developed further.

As part of the deal, Valpak has also signed a five-year supply agreement with Berryman, with an option of extending this further.

The sale to Berryman means that recycle-more-glass will continue to expand and develop, bringing in more waste glass to help the UK meet its challenging recycling targets in years to come.

“The UK could well be expected to recycle around 60% of its waste glass by 2007-8, under the European Union’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive,” explained Valpak chief executive Jonson Cox. Currently, we only recycle around 30%. If the UK is to meet these targets then it is vital that we all redouble our efforts to recycle glass.”