Pira International has produced an in-depth analysis of the printing industry in Europe, giving definitive intelligence on who the major players are, where the market is now, and where it is heading over the next five years.

The report offers the latest independent forecasts by market segments, product sectors and print processes. Included are: quantitative forecasts and estimates by market, end user and print process; company intelligence on the leading European players; and technology forecasts by print process. Topics include digital printing, CTP, print on demand and digital workflow.

New products, technology forecasts, price trends, supply chain management, mergers and acquisitions, markets and on-line trading are all discussed and analyzed

The company intelligence profiles are said to provide report users with all the information necessary to benchmark against their competitors,gain more insight into their customers’ requirements, and determine which suppliers can best meet their needs.

Pira has published the report in two volumes, one containing strategic five-year forecasts and the other devoted to company intelligence profiles.