No more messing about with clods of soggy coffee grains when all you want is one simple, yet satisfying cup of coffee. Sainsbury has introduced what is believed to be the first single-serve fresh ground coffee bag with patented Pour-Thru technology.

It took a year for creator Molins ITCM to develop the bags to offer filter quality coffee where other attempts have failed as glorified tea bags.

“The bag acts like a disposable cafetiere,” explains Simon Strothers, marketing manager of Molins ITCM. “Hot water is poured directly onto the fresh ground coffee and the double-chamber filter provides the maximum surface area for the coffee to infuse.

The result is a cup of coffee with the same flavour and quality as achieved with a cafetiere or a traditional filter, but without the mess and inconvenience.”

The bags holding 7.5g of coffee, equivalent to an espresso, – are individually foil wrapped, priced at £1.79 per pack of 10.

Sainsbury has a six months exclusivity deal for its Premium Blend coffee and is considering rolling out Pour-Thru across more blends.