EVA/PE resins for stretch hood formulations, jointly developed by Exxon Mobil Chemical’s Nexxstar and Danish end-of-line machinery specialist Lachenmeier, are said to cut end-of-line packaging costs by up to 50% and provide better-looking, more stable palletisation.

“Companies using Nexxstar films can expect to reduce their packaging costs substantially thanks to the product’s ability to be stretched to 50 or 60%, compared with the 10-25%, typical with existing palletising films,” says ExxonMobil Chemical product planner for LDPE polyolefins Jan Donck.

“In addition, 100 micron Nexxstar films will give similar, if not better, performance than conventional 150 micron stretch and shrink films.” The resins are said to produce stronger, more elastic films offering higher puncture and tear resistance, clarity and transparency, enhanced seal strength, higher line speeds and a reduction in so-called ‘thin spots’, which often occur at the extremities of the pallet wrap.

“By ensuring a tight, five-sided wrap, Nexxstar stretch hoods not only give a more professional-looking pallet, but also significantly reduce the likelihood of unstable loads, with goods sliding around dangerously in transit,” adds Donck.

While white goods producers will be aggressively targeted, the company also plans a sustained assault on packaging suppliers to the food and beverage, chemicals and building product sectors.