PICME, the Process Industries Centre for Manufacturing Excellence, will hold its second annual conference at the UK’s Cranfield Management Development Centre on June 5, 2003. Entitled ‘Manufacturing Fitness – making it happen and sustaining the gains’, the event will focus on detailed case studies from process sector companies who have successfully improved their operational performance.

Says PICME chief executive Mark Lewis: “We are primarily appealing to those process managers and directors who are tasked with reducing costs and shortening lead times while increasing flexibility and output. This is our bread and butter. Moreover we are centrally funded to help companies realise those aims. Anyone in the process sector with a remit for lean manufacturing stands to profit from joining us on June 5.”

PICME says all UK based process manufacturers can apply to benefit with cost savings achieved from its diagnostic and performance measuring/benchmarking activities.

PICME Tel: +44 (0)1642 430021. www.picme.org