In France, DCM Usimeca has supplied a Biva 4 narrow web rotogravure press to the Helios Converting plant in Normandy.

The new press has a web width of 820mm and nine printing units, three of them equipped with extended dryers. DCM’s narrow web concept features a cantilevered shaft holding the engraved cylinder. The shaft is directly driven by the motor without gears. When changing a job, the shaft remains in the machine, as does the support shaft for the sleeve type pressure roller. Handling is easier and more efficient, reducing operating costs, the company claims.

The press is fully equipped for printing on a wide range of films as well as paper used for banderole labels. Depending on the quality of the substrate and the sophistication of the printing, the production speed can reach 600m/min.

The machine has been installed in a brand new building which has been built in accordance with the European safety regulation for the workers, and health protection regulation for the packaging material.

Since the founding of the company 15 years ago, Helios has maintained a strategy of using DCM Usimeca equipment – not only narrow web rotogravure presses, but also slitter rewinders and laminators.