Printbylaser is one of the first UK companies to take delivery of the Polar 92X programmable guillotine, which features a new knife mounting system, a more robust build and 15in colour screen. Printbylaser offers B2, SRA2 and SRA3 offset print, as well as flexo labels.

Eric Stevenson, managing director of the Washington, Tyne & Wear company, remarks: “We are replacing an eight-year old Sepia guillotine so the Polar 92X will be the only cutter in place,” A guillotine is a linchpin of production and because ours will be a stand-alone system we have to have equipment that offers the best quality and reliability. Last year we bought a nearly new CtP system from Heidelberg and we have been pleased with it and the training and help desk service that goes with it so going to Heidelberg this time around was an easy choice. Most of our equipment is Heidelberg.”

Polar is replacing the E and ED ranges in 78 and 176cm width guillotines with the X and XT (touchscreen) versions. In the 78cm size it also offers a simple and economic XS version. All X and XT machines will have a P-Net option, allowing them to have full Ethernet networking capabilities.

The Optiknife knife changing system could double the life cycle of a knife, the company claims. Adjustments to the knife are made low down in the cutting position, rather than in the usual fully up position.


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