Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart has developed anti-theft packaging format to ensure its goods are secured from getting stolen and tampered before reaching their destination.

The online shopping company has created a pilferage protection packaging box in this regard with various protective features. This, Flipkart believes would help in making sure that customers do not get damaged or stolen shipments.

Some of the features in Flipkart’s new anti-theft packaging format are single quarter opening area, hidden notches in the corners, inside flap interlocking and seal by shipping label, reported The Hindu.

Flipkart stated that its anti-theft packaging has been specifically designed for high-range products like watches, mobiles and tablets. Currently, the e-commerce company’s newly designed pilferage protection box which is integrated with special security features in shipment is awaiting patent grant.

Flipkart senior director Satyam Choudhary said: “Within the ecommerce industry, cases of pilferage especially of electronic goods and high-end mobiles, have been a consistent challenge for ecommerce companies everywhere.”

Choudhary added that the anti-theft packaging innovation will help the company to squarely deal with pilferage-related problems. It also cuts down costs of packaging materials, packing process and also shipment volumes to give Flipkart an edge in its competition with rival e-commerce players, said Choudhary.

Flipkart said that the new packaging needs considerable amount of time along with resources, details and techniques for re-opening and re-sealing to make sure that the original form of shipment stays intact.

However, it does ensure that when a package has been meddled with before reaching customer, the person or customer in the next supply chain can detect the problem easily to refuse its delivery.