Two new Metallyte ultra high barrier metallized films from ExxonMobil have joined 35 micron OPPalyte MU842 as alternatives to foil in the construction of high barrier laminates. These transparent, biaxially oriented, multi layer films are designed for use in packaging for sensitive dry products such as baby milk powder, cereals, dehydrated food and coffee, as well as biscuits, confectionery and snacks.

Compared to metallized polyester or foil, the Metallyte 18XM882 and Metallyte 18XM883 films are claimed to offer exceptional performance after flexing and better puncture resistance. Both have an optical density of 2.8, a WVTR of 0.3 (38degC, 90 per cent RH) and an OTR of 0.15 (23degC, 0 per cent RH).

Metallyte 18XM882 is untreated on its PE compatible sealable surface (non metallized side) and can be used in an unprinted two-layer lamination for bag-in-box applications. It has been designed to be receptive to extrusion lamination and coating, without compromising barrier properties or appearance. Moreover, the PE extrusion coating can be applied directly to the film’s non metal side without using primers.

Metallyte 18XM883 is treated on its PE sealant side and can be used in various structures for pouch packaging in the dry food market, and for biscuits, wafers, dry powders and dry beverages; for HFFS applications for sensitive confectionery bars and wafers; and for VFFS applications with fin seals for biscuits, dry fruits, and snacks.


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