Hot and cold beverages can now arrive at the retailer at just the right temperature thanks to a new system from Austria-based Greiner Packaging.

The Kavotherm bottle is designed to keep beverages at a constant temperature during transportation or within 3-5 hours from the product leaving refrigeration. It comprises a PET inner container, produced by injection stretch blow moulding technology that is surrounded by an injection moulded PP casing.

The two outer halves are fastened by a snap-in mechanism.

Temperatures are maintained by the insulating air cushion that forms between the inner and outer containers which serves as a natural thermal barrier.

Customers have the choice of keeping or removing the outer case when the product is displayed in store.

The Kavotherm bottle has a capacity of 0.33 litres but can be designed to hold any volume. It may also be custom designed with different shapes and colours.

The additional expense of Kavotherm over conventional bottles would make it suitable for beverage products that will benefit from the added value of constant temperature.

Kavotherm’s first commercial application will become available this month in the form of a milk drink sold to Austrian retailers. Greiner Packaging is also set to launch Kavotherm into the mineral water market.