Del Monte Foods, a North American food production and distribution company, plans to eliminate the use of hazardous chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) lining in cans used for food packaging.


Starting in May 2016, the company plans to commence non-BPA fresh pack production of Del Monte fruit and tomato products, as well as 100% of vegetable products under the Del Monte brand.

The transition is planned to be completed by October.

Del Monte Foods CEO Nils Lommerin said: "Today’s announcement marks a significant progression for the brand. These actions reflect our ongoing commitment to providing high quality fruit, vegetables and tomatoes, and meeting evolving consumer preferences.

‘Our non-GMO and non-BPA milestones are the direct result of great dedication and major contributions from many people inside Del Monte as well as our suppliers and other partners."

Del Monte is also working on non-offering genetically modified organisms (GMO) products.

In particular, the company plans to offer all added ingredients in all Del Monte vegetables, fruit cups and most tomato products with non-GMO starting this year.

Del Monte said that the conversion to non-BPA packaging and non-GMO ingredients is a part of its Quality Journey, an initiative involving product and packaging innovation, strategic partnerships, sustainability programs and improved farming practices.

In 2014, the US has introduced a new bill, ‘Ban Poisonous Additives Act of 2014’, to ban the usage of toxic BPA in food packaging, citing its role in disrupting hormones especially in elderly, pregnant women, children, and workers.

Image: Del Monte diced tomatoes. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire/ Del Monte Foods.