“Revolutionary” catalyst technology is said to be at the heart of Dow’s new Versify range of speciality propylene-ethylene copolymers. They are designed to improve optics, sealing and hot tack performance, elasticity, flexibility, and softness for both flexible and rigid packaging appications.

The new catalysts will be combined with Dow’s proprietary Insite technology and Solution Process to provide a “highly versatile” family of olefinic polymers which, the company claims, offer a special balance of performance combinations for film manufacturers.

The new range is also said to offer the opportunity to explore new application areas thanks to its combination of good processability and compatibility with other polymers.

The company says Versify plastomers and elastomers offer film producers low modulus, good heat resistance and optics, generating film with excellent clarity and ‘sparkle’ that will appeal to consumers. They create a soft touch feel, which is dry and non rubbery, and have low noise characteristics, and have excellent adhesion to ethylene and propylene polymers it states.

Dow plans to convert existing facilities in order to produce Versify plastomers and elastomers on a commercial scale in the second half of 2004.



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