Leuze Mayser has launched the IPRK 18 photoelectric sensor for transparent objects to overcome the problem of signal deterioration caused by contamination.

In conventional retroreflective sensors used for transparent objects contamination can distort the signal to give an ‘object present’ command for tracking processes. With the IPRK 18, the signal is not affected enabling it to offer reliable detection of transparent containers, bottles, glass or plastics.

A simple teach-in process is used to adjust the sensor to the requirements of the products, within a working range of 1.5m.

To automatically compensate for possible sensor or reflector contamination, the new sensor constantly monitors the level of the signal received. This is then compared with a set reference signal value and automatically readjusts transmitting power.

The tracking process is carried out in each gap of the production flow when the light path between sensor and reflector is free. It is also able to recognise when the sensor/reflector has been cleaned, readjusting itself automatically to the initial setting. Dimensions of 33x15x50mm, enable IPRK 18 to be mounted at most parts of the production process.