A new version of Trace 3 for returnable transit equipment (RTE) is available that allows orders to be placed on-line. Using the Internet enabled interface, customers can enter the daily quantities by type of equipment to be either collected or delivered from Logtek service centres. Orders can also be placed in advance.

The tracking system is designed to boost customer confidence in the equipment supply chain, reducing the need to stockpile returnable containers.

Trace enables comprehensive reporting on orders received, the degree to which they have been processed, and the reason for any variance in quantities supplied. Once equipment has been released from Logtek, the information is available to the intended recipient. The user can then confirm the quantity actually issued and the time the order was released.

With stockpiling reduced, a further benefit of Trace 3 is more efficient use of the RTE pool. This allows equipment to be released for additional users or increased volume capacity, without having to buy extra containers.