Reputed to be the launch of Europe’s first stand up freezer pack is a resealable innovation from Clifton Packaging that will compete head-on with traditional freezer bags.

The idea for the freezer packs was conceived by Clifton Group managing director Khalid Sheikh who then teamed up with CeDo to develop the product.

The result of their collaboration is the new Pour & Store pouches that have gone on sale in leading multiple retailers under CeDo’s Poly-Lina brand. Demonstrations of the product are under way in Sainsbury stores across the country and there are plans to expand sales into Western Europe.

Pour & Store resealable pouches are suitable for freezing and then defrosting all types of liquids – from home-made soups and stocks to left-over meals and sauces. Easy to use, they are hygienic, and safe in the freezer and microwave. The zipper is said to give an airtight and resealable closure.