Safetylope(tm) anti-anthrax envelopes and shipping cartons have been developed by Virginia-based St. James Paper.

These products cannot hold powder and permit detectors to ‘sniff’ the presence of plastique and other dangerous materials. Safetylope(tm) cost no more than conventional products.

Envelopes in the range allow the recipient to see whether any tape is present on the contained letter. The envelope is not transparent. The letter cannot be read through the envelope.

‘These are user-friendly envelopes which make it easier for postal employees to handle mail and the public to feel safe when receiving their mail,’ says inventor Dr Richard Fuisz.

‘Safetylope(tm) is a highly innovative approach to a current and pressing problem,’ says security consultant Andrew Gembara. ‘It helps to address the threat of transmission of both biological agents and explosives through the US mail.’