Danish manufacturer of corona treatment systems Vetaphone has opened an office in the UK, which will be run by area manager Steve Ashcroft. The address is: Vetaphone UK, 12-14 Dinan Way Industrial Estate, Dinan Way, Exmouth, Devon EX8 4EZ. TEL: +44 (0)1395 227334. FAX: +44 (0)1395 227335. Email: ashcroft@vetaphone.com

Dotrix, Belgian manufacturer of the the.factory high speed digital colour press, has appointed Drytone as its Value Added Reseller in France, and SCS Schwarz & Co, in Germany. The agreements follow those with Digital HiRes, in Spain, and Gratudo, in The Netherlands. Dotrix has also distributors in the UK and the USA since its official launch at IPEX 2002, and plans further announcements in the near future.

More information from Marie-Hélène Lanssens, Dotrix – TEL: +32 (0)9 216 97 11.

Bimec has introduced the STM range of slitter rewinders. There are three models, covering unwind diameters up to 1,000mm and rewinds up to 800mm. All are equipped with shaftless unwind stand, and batch roll hydraulic lifting and positioning. They also feature cantilevered and supported rewind shafts, AC motors with digital control and precision systems for rapid unloading of finished reels.

More information from Bimec – TEL: ++39 0331 307491. EMAIL: infobimec@bimec.it www.bimec.it

Enercon’s Plasma Ready Upgrade Program, available to customers who purchase new corona treaters, positions converters and extruders for a future upgrade to a variable chemistry Plasma3 station – claimed to enhance the surface energy and treatment longevity of even the most challenging substrates. Benefits promised include: higher treatment levels; long lasting surface activation; elimination of pin-holing; no ozone; and surface morphologies unaffected.

More information from Martin Murphy, Enercon –

TEL: 01296 330542. EMAIL: marketing@enerconind.co.uk

In Germany, Windmöller & Hölscher has acquired Klaus Reinhold Maschinen und Gerätbau, manufacturer of blown film extrusion and bag making equipment, for an undisclosed figure. Both companies are based in Lengerich, and Reinhold will continue as an independent operation with its existing staff.

More information from Eva Maria Repp,Windmöller & Hölscher – TEL: +49 54 81 14 2929.

DS Smith Corrugated – Livingston has awarded a three-year contract to Hays Logistics who will provide the company with a dedicated transport solution, product packing, shrinkwrapping, bar coding, warehousing and pallet management. The appoinent of a third party logistics (3PL) provider is a new step for DS Smith, which has traditionally managed its requirements in-house.

More information from