A miniscule 3in deep industrial PC module is being introduced by UK agents Hayes Control Systems to provide powerful control systems to the back of TFT display panels.

Produced in Germany by Beckhoff, the CP6300 PC module is designed for industrial applications and is particularly suited to the Beckhoff TwinCat software package which provides real-time PLC and NC functionality.

As standard, the PC module is equipped with a powerful Intel Celeron 700MHz processor, with a Pentium III option available for especially demanding applications. For easy configuration, two free slots – ISA or PCI – are available.
Up to 512Mbyte of on-board RAM can be fitted and the unit is supplied with a 10Gb hard disk. Other features include an on-board Ethernet, and fieldbus interface adaptors.

CP6300 can be used with all Beckhoff CP68XX-series display panels.