Beatson Clark has installed a new oxy-boost system on the furnace at its Barnsley manufacturing facility. This will enable 15% more glass to be pulled through the furnace and allow Beatson Clark to offer customers more flexibility when it comes to planning production runs.

The system was introduced as part of an ongoing £12M investment programme. It works by removing air from the glass production process and replacing it with oxygen. This makes the furnace burn more quickly and increases the capacity to produce more glass at speed.

Director at Beatson Clark, John Wainwright, said: “This is part of stage one of a comprehensive investment programme at Beatson Clark, an investment which will give us a significant competitive edge and strengthen our position in the marketplace.”

The next phase of the Beatson Clark investment programme is already underway, with two new bottle-making machines on order, additional metal detection on the production line, and plans to upgrade and replace packing machines and palletisers.