Omega-Intercept and Engineered Materials, in conjunction with Sun Chemical PPI, claim to have developed the first liquid based anti corrosion coating for corrugated packaging. The Intercept coating is said to be a “massive step forward”, allowing virtually any metallic product to be packed and stored in corrugated containers for long periods without fear of corrosion or perishing.

Intercept is a copper particle based liquid which, when applied to the inside lining of any form of corrugated packaging, acts like a solid sheet of highly reactive metal. This is said to provide corrosion and electrostatic discharge protection for at least five years, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Developed originally to protect electronics and telecommunications equipment, it creates a micro-chamber, preventing atmospheric gases that cause corrosion and tarnishing from entering the packaging. It also attracts gases trapped within a container to the coating, causing a reaction that leaves them permanently neutralized.

Intercept is said to be a strong alternative to conventional volatile corrosion inhibitors in that it is non hazardous, non toxic, non polluting and biodegradable – and an effective bactericide, mildewicide and fungicide. In addition, any packaging coated is totally recyclable.

Another advantage is that the coating loses its lustre and starts to turn grey when coming to the end of its life span – a useful means of judging how long packaged products can remain in storage.

More information from Patrick Treves, Omega-Intercept – TEL: +44 (0)1256 322445.