Design Bridge is flouting the iconic status of the Absolut Vodka bottle for its Christmas gift packaging.

The distinctively shaped bottle is the hero of the outer box. Each side of the packaging from Swedish Eson Pack shows a section of the bottle in a jigsaw effect.

A silver metallised ink is used to subtly reflect the colour coding of the four different flavours: Blackcurrent, Citron, Mandarin and Plain. An embossed band around the middle of the pack uses the colour coding to further aid differentiation.

Emphasis was placed on achieving the desired shimmer effect which resulted in three test print runs.

“An outstanding vodka, with cult status, required a presentation that didn’t try too hard,” says Design Bridge account director Miisa Suvisaari. “Making the bottle the focus of the outer packaging reinforces its iconic status. The minimal, crafted design and element of wit in the bottle ‘jigsaw’ perfectly embodies and communicates the Absolut brand values.”