After extensive trialing, FineArt-Flute has become the flagship of Abbey’s specialist corrugated board range aimed at the PoP and top quality screen and flexo markets.

The new board is a double wall combination of N and E flutes which combine to create a material that is strong with a narrow profile and is highly stable.

FineArtFlute has a good sur-face finish and printability. It features 550 flutes to the metre and provides support for the coated liner and eliminates flute show.

The addition of E flute adds to the strength of the board, yet remains remarkably thin – nominally 2.35mm – which is less than a similarly graded B flute board that is 2.91mm thick.

Additionally, productivity is increased and waste reduced through greater control of the board during printing. This means that printing speeds are improved by eliminating any problems with dot density, colour balance and registration which add up to considerable cost savings.