Paper bags can now offer the same convenience advantages as resealable plastics bags thanks to a development between Roland Emballages and Flexico-Minigrip.

The patented system, as yet awaiting a brand name, comprises a reclosable slider zip and a grip system inside the closure. The slider zip can incorporate a tamper evident feature and, for further security, a sticker can be placed over the slide.

It is available in a range of sizes with the option of adding handles.

According to Rolland Emballages, the bag can be produced on the majority of preformed bag lines without extra investment. Tests were run on Cetec machines.

As the zip is placed on the top of the bag, rather than the front, there should be no need to change the design of printed bags.

The company has had interest from customers in pet food, rice, pastas, cereals, biscuits and non-food, such as plant seeds. The first bags will hit the market in March 2003.