What is believed to be the thinnest, remotely readable, non-line of sight smart tagging system in the world has been developed by Flying Null. At only 3 microns thick, the transfer tag is 25 times thinner than a human hair. The 1mm wide hot foil stamped tags offer users greater choice of application and can be laminated, embedded, applied directly to the surface, over-printed or even form part of the final packaging design.

Developed for brand protection or document security, transfer tags can be supplied in various formats to cater for product authentication or track and trace applications.

Suitably positioned and applied, the tags will provide machine readable tamper evidence functionality. When used in tandem with other technologies they can add a covert machine-readable feature to security print features or optical technologies such as holograms.

The tag is also suitable for recycling. Its low metallic content and small size ensures that they introduce less than 0.3 parts per million into glass when recycled so there is no danger of inclusion.