A fully validated pallet-sized shipper for the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries has been introduced by Laminar Medica.

The Meditherm M14.0 offers up to 500-litres of product capacity. It can handle ambient temperatures from -15deg C to +40deg C and, depending on the requirement, can maintain the desired temperature for up to seven days.

M14.0 can be delivered flat packed on a US pallet in a strong transit carton. This allows for maximum space utilisation during transit and storage.

Designed for ownership rather than lease, Laminar has focused on delivering a robust shipper with a lengthy life span. To address wear and tear issues, the shipper has access to the company’s repair and refurbishment service.

The M14.0 is based on a US pallet footprint (1220 x 1070mm) with a variable height capacity.