Development of the first small PET container able to withstand hot-fill temperatures is set to open a number of opportunities for a new form of single-serve pack.

The 250ml container, made initially for tomato sauce, marks the manufacturer’s first product development as Amcor PET Packaging Europe/Asia – previously Schmalbach-Lubeca PET Containers.

Produced at Amcor PET’s Ascoli operation in Italy, it is suitable for hot-filling up to a maximum temperature of 92 deg C followed by immediate cooling and has a maximum pasteurisation process temperature of 75 deg C.

Technology development and testing was conducted at Amcor PET’s Centre of Excellence in Brecht, Belgium.

The 35g pack, produced using a standard preform, features a crystallised neck and base.

An alternative to packs already in the single-serve market, such as pouches or stick packs, its lightness, unbreakable features and easy-open plastics closure should offer benefits to both children and senior citizens. Possible applications are condiments and purees.

Amcor PET is currently in discussion with various European customers over its first commercial application.