United Glass has reduced the weight of its standard 350ml spirits flask by almost 30% and claims to be the first UK company to manufacture such a pack using the narrow neck press and blow process.

The bottle weighs 240g, 100g less than its current blow-blow counterpart. Says marketing manager David Batey “This lightweight bottle further enhances the environmental credentials of glass packaging and the distillers that use it. Despite the weight reduction, little change has been made to the critical dimensions of the container from the current blow:blow version. This keeps any required line change part investment to a minimum. It provides an excellent size impression and is available in white flint (clear) and green to service all aspects of the UK spirits market.”

UG anticipates that initial demand for the container will be strongest among own-label fillers. The bottle has already been adopted by G&J Greenall which is now using the container for its own Richmond Gin brand.