400th MIRAFLEX goes to the Danaflex company in Kazan/Russia.

400th MIRAFLEX goes to the Danaflex company in Kazan/Russia.

From the outset, the MIRAFLEX C. I. flexo printing press was met with enthusiasm from customers all over the world. The sales figures increased from year to year. Today, machines of the MIRAFLEX C and MIRAFLEX A type series and, for several months now, the MIRAFLEX S type series are in operation in some 70 countries. Recently, Windmöller & Hölscher sold its 400th machine from this series to the Russian customer, Danaflex, in Kazan, located around 800 km east of Moscow. Since its founding in 2001, Danaflex, today one of the top companies in the Russian packaging industry, and Windmöller & Hölscher have maintained a close and trusting business relationship.


With the very wide range of MIRAFLEX models and extensive machine equipment options, printing companies in the flexible packaging segment in industrialized, threshold and developing countries can find the right solutions for their production requirements. Machine and printing quality, efficiency and ease of use are the machine’s outstanding features. With the MIRAFLEX, numerous innovations have become the printing plant standard, such as the automatic register set-up and impression setting systems EASY-REG and EASY-SET, or the EASY-COL system for optimized color matching at the printing press.

Russia has always been an important MIRAFLEX market. Around 20 machines are installed in the country, and are responsible for a large proportion of flexible packaging printing in the Russian packaging industry. One of the leading and most successful packaging producers is the Danaflex company, which Windmöller & Hölscher has supported as a machine supplier on its path to success from its founding in 2001 to today.

A brief look at its history:
Airat Bashirov, the founder and president of Danaflex, started the company with a SOLOFLEX. At the beginning of 2003, the first PRIMAFLEX followed, and in 2004 the company invested in an additional SOLOFLEX. With these additions to its machine fleet, Danaflex succeeded in establishing itself among the top ten Russian producers of flexible packaging. Additional PRIMAFLEX machines in the following years led to the company advancing to a leading position within its segment. In 2010, the Danaflex-Nano company was founded with the aim of increasing the production depth, and the first VAREX 3-ply blown film extrusion line was put into operation. At the same time Danaflex entered the gravure printing business with a 10-color HELIOSTAR and supplemented its flexographic printing section with a 10-color NOVOFLEX.

From 2011, Danaflex-Nano’s investments in equipment on the basis of technology from Windmöller & Hölscher were further intensified. VAREX blown film extrusion lines with up to 9 plies, FILMEX cast film lines and additional HELIOSTAR gravure printing machines with up to 12 printing units were sold. The year 2013 was then the starting signal for the first MIRAFLEX CM, a high-end machine with 10 color decks, which is now being supplemented by the landmark machine, a MIRAFLEX CM 8. Impressive figures, which are bound to be increased further, particularly in light of the latest machine orders, to which the 400th MIRAFLEX, currently being built at the W&H plant in Lengerich, also belongs.

Today, Danaflex employs around 800 workers. The company produces packaging material for ice cream, chocolate, pralines, pasta and bakery products, condensed milk, mayonnaise, ketchup, tea, and much more.