Ink cost savings offered

Flint Ink will launch X-treme dispersions, a “revolutionary” technology claimed to increase the colour strength of water ink systems by 20 per cent without compromising their runnability. X-treme is said to enable printers and converters to create sophisticated, detailed graphics of intense colour with thinner ink films at faster press speeds.

The new dispersions are reported to create vibrant, resistant ink systems that dry quickly and run easily. Available in an array of Pantone colours, they are well suited to inks for both flexo and gravure presses, says Flint. Additional press efficiencies are claimed: the inks are more fluid and easier to handle, allowing for faster filling of ink cells. In addition, the high colour concentration of the pigments is said to make the residual ink easier to recycle.

Significant cost savings are promised – one converter is said to have reduced ink usage by 30 per cent. Hall 03, stand E52.

HP driving digital on

Hewlett-Packard will unveil the HP Indigo press 5000, designed for increased volumes and cost effective digital colour printing productivity; the HP Indigo press 3050, offering enhancements to the HP Indigo press 3000 with a new entry level pricing plan; and the HP colour 9850mfp high speed colour multifunction printer.

HP is also enhancing the workflow process with CMYK Plus. Open Area, stand N3.

Turret rewinder in a spin

Martin Automatic’s new STR (spinning turret rewind) in-line rewinder for non stop roll changing on narrow web presses is named for its novel roll indexing design.

When the specified amount of material has been rewound, the completed roll is stopped, and a festoon accumulates the printed web at full press speed. The turret then indexes, presenting the finished roll for removal, and the web is automatically transferred to an empty core.

The transfer mechanism is designed to start new rolls without web foldback at the core, eliminating a source of wrinkling and material waste. The STR also uses a lay-on roller for greater winding control and higher quality rolls.

Visitors will see running demonstrations of 330mm wide models of the STR and the STS automatic splicer. Martin representatives will help visitors calculate their waste savings by eliminating press stops for manual roll changes. Stand E47, hall 03.

Autotron advances register

Following its acquisition of PressTech, QuadTech has enhanced the PressTech Autotron 2600 register system for packaging applications. To achieve this objective, the new QuadTech Autotron Packaging 2600 has a number of new miniature scanning head options which can be easily changed to suit different printing environments, it is claimed.

The Autotron’s proven accuracy of registration is now augmented by additional benefits of modularity, flexibility and cost effectiveness, said to make it suitable for use across the widest range of a gravure packaging applications. The new scanning heads can be used on any size press, with mechanical or shaftless drives or any non print in-line equipment, including die cutters, sheeters, embossers, varnish, lacquer or coldseal applicators.

According to QTI, the low price for most applications and the modular structure also make the Autotron Packaging 2600 suitable for narrow web packaging presses “while providing an easy and affordable growth path for those looking to expand their services into the future.”

The company will also show the latest version of its Electrostatic Assist system for gravure printers of packaging products. The new Heliostat uses carbon fibre brushes to electrostatically charge the impression roller of a press, to facilitate transfer of ink to the substrate, reducing ‘speckling’ and dot skip. Redesigned power supplies allow it to accommodate wider webs up to 4.2m. Hall 04, stand A33/hall 06, stand D61.

‘Cost effective’ digital print

VIPColor Technologies will exhibit the VP8020 digital print engine, claimed to produce cost effective mid volume digital printing flexibility in a compact size with easy operation, rapid set-up – at a price to suit it for many applications. These include production of forms, labels, tickets, tags, identity cards, direct mail and other printed matter “in sharp, crisp, durable colour”. Its ‘cool fusion’ micro toner system makes it suitable for substrates incorporating adhesives such as labels, as well as paper or synthetic based materials in a wide range of thicknesses.

Exhibiting with VIPColor, GRE Engineering will feature its Digital Converter, a complete short run system for converting digitally printed tag and label stock. Options are available to meet specialized requirements including sheeting, foil stamping, UV coating and curing, hologram insertion and rotary die cutting with fixed solid or flexible magnetic dies. Hall 09, stand A62-6.

Double’s display

Double E will be exhibiting a new core cutter together with its complete line of web handling products. These include lightweight carbon fibre shafts, core chucks, low inertia carbon fibre rollers and safety chucks. The DF-2000 is claimed to be the world’s best selling torque activated shaftless core chuck. Hall 11, stand C02.

Guiding webs

AccuWeb is said to be a leading supplier of web guides for use in the converting industry. Its patented compensated ultrasonic array edge detection systems are used worldwide for guiding a wide variety of webs including paper, clear film, holograms and non wovens. Digital electronics are said to ensure high reliability and “unsurpassed” performance. Hall 17, stand C51.



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ECRM Imaging Systems

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Standard Paper Box Machine Co

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Sun Chemical Corp

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Videojet Technologies

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HG Weber

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WEB Printing Controls

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Western Printing Machinery

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Xante Corp

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Zerand Div of NA Cerutti

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