Film producers and converters should find plenty of interest at Interplas 2002, the all-embracing polymers exhibition, at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, September 30-October 4.

Web treatment specialist Ahlbrandt Systems UK is exhibiting the TG power generator, said to ensure smooth, consistent corona generation at very high line speeds for laminating, coating and printing applications. “The new versions of our generator use IGBT technology to help with the efficiency of performance and reduce the running costs,” says managing director Richard Bull. The equipment can be used with ceramic electrodes and ceramic roll coats. Power can automatically reduce at lower speeds to the correct treatment for any given speed and type of material. Ahlbrandt is also showing a high speed corona treater designed for the narrow web label industry. It operates at a frequency of 40KHz and can be used on films, plasticized foils, metallized films, and paper, in web widths ranging from 5-350mm. The unit includes an integral airflow system for operating speeds up to 300m/min. Stand 5102.

To be shown by UK agent Arrowquint, the latest generation of Eltex R50/51 bars with their ‘depth effect’ discharging power are claimed to outperform any AC discharge bar currently on the market. Arrowquint is offering free comparison trials to any converter looking to replace an existing static discharging system who has not used Eltex equipment before. The R50/51 Series also includes EX rated equipment for installation within hazardous zones, such as coating units, plus ionization blowers and pistols suitable for controlling dust contamination or aiding sheet separation in film processing applications. Stand 5004.

Colour formulation and control solutions shown by GretagMacbeth will include the ColorEye XTH hand-held spectrophotometer for measuring ‘challenging’ sizes, shapes and surfaces; the new SpectraLight Junior portable desktop colour viewing booth with “the world’s most accurate daylight simulation”; and the latest version of ProPalette for plastics colour formulation and QC software. The SpectraLight Junior is said to be the first desktop viewing booth to offer accurate daylight simulation while giving a full range of colour evaluation environments through four selectable lighting options plus UV. The company says it is less than half the size, weight and cost, but still provides most of the features and capabilities of the SpectraLight III viewing booth. Another product is the latest version of ProPalette for Plastic V5.1, a Windows based colour formulation and QC package for the plastics industry. Available to handle transparent, translucent and opaque materials, it includes Optiview quality control software and now has an easier-to-use interface. Stand 3099.

A new power driven unwind system will debut as part of the PP1250S side weld bag machine demonstration by Harnden. The powerful new control system of the digital PP1250S will be used to make ‘header” courier bags, complete with document pouch and glue tape. This new combination is said to provide a heightened level of flexibility for tackling complex bag types, as well as for simple bag production – both short runs with frequent change-overs, and long runs at high speed. Latest additions to the range of ancillary equipment are a drum sealer, longitudinal sealers, power driven release tape unwinds, and glue systems. Stand 5114.

For the first time at a UK exhibition, Heraeus Noblelight is showing its carbon infra red twin tube emitter, claimed to offer the highest power density ever achievable from medium wave emitters. The CIR carbon infra red technology developed by Heraeus is said to feature the rapid response and high energy transfer capabilities of short wave emitters with the proven efficiency of medium wave IR in plastics processing. Carbon twin tube emitters have twice the maximum power intensity of conventional medium wave twin tube emitters, which is said to make them ideal for economical plastics processing. Heraeus will also be showing its range of IR emitters, which can be supplied with different emission spectra and in various shapes and sizes to meet specific heating applications. Infra red radiation is suitable for many plastics processing applications. For optimum heating efficiency, it is important that the wavelength of the radiation is matched with the absorption properties of the material to be heated. Careful selection of the IR spectra can realise energy savings of 50 per cent, according to Heraeus. The company offers a range of emitters which can be matched with virtually any plastics formulation and any processing technique. Stand 4127.

Jenton International will be exhibiting as the new agent for Amplas bag machines. New types of bags for fast food and powders will be featured. Stand 5730.

Materials testing equipment company Lloyd Instruments is to unveil the LFPlus “affordable” low force universal testing machine, and IR 750 Long Travel non contacting infra red extensometer system, which uses IR precision to measure minute sample movements during tests. Also, Nexygen MT software will be demonstrated. This is expected to be the first materials testing software to gain FDA approval for the strict auditing procedures required in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. The new LFPlus machine is designed for QC tests up to 1kN. A modular design allows users to build a solution to match their exact needs and budget. The new IR 750 extends the precision of the company’s Plus and EZ ranges, as well as the LR, LRX systems and competitor machines (through an analogue interface). It uses proven optics to follow tiny markers placed on a sample, and high resolution encoders to measure the separation between the marks during the test. Unlike clip-on extensometers, it is said to be ideally suited for testing flexible and ductile samples such as films. The exhibit will also feature Davenport polymer test instruments. Stand 3060.

Macchi’s Coex flex compact extrusion system is designed to easily replace monolayer extruders, transforming the line into a co-ex system while limiting the cost of the investment – and still occupying the same floor space. This up-grade has been successfully applied in hundreds of applications worldwide, the company boasts. The Coex flex extrusion dies are claimed to be superior to traditional bottom-fed or multi level side-fed die technologies. This is due to approximately 30 per cent less material being contained inside the die than with standard designs, – said to permit quicker and more efficient material changes. Lower operating pressures while maintaining maximum output rates are said to allow greater flexibility in processing a wider variety of materials, even with high viscosity. Another exhibit, Macchi’s patented Bo Plus winder can now be equipped with various features such as: winding with gap, pure axial winding and reverse wind capabilities. Modular roboticized systems have been designed to automate the production process and guarantee a safe work place. Stand 5766.

New products from Meech Static Eliminators will include the Jet Stream, high air velocity cleaner, the Flow Tube material handling solution and the 904 power unit, and the pulsed DC feedback system. Jet Stream is a cost effective, modular surface cleaning solution that works by discharging high pressure ionized air, at velocities up to 100m/s, through a special manifold. The 913 Flow Tube is said to eliminate material clogging in ducting systems due to static charge build-up. It incorporates in-line ionization and is available in stainless steel or PVC, in a range of diameters. The 904 constant voltage supply unit is said to be easy to install, robust and reliable, providing a 7kV power source for Meech AC ionizing equipment. The Pulsed DC feedback system continuously monitors residual static charges on a moving web and automatically adjusts the ionization system to minimize the charges. Stand 4400.

Miliken Chemical is using Interplas to launch into Europe Cleartint, a highly transparent colour technology for clear polypropylene. Also new from the company is Hyperform, a high speed nucleating agent for PP giving very fast cycle times. Stand 3117.

Exhibiting with the British Plastics Federation, the Process Industries Centre for Manufacturing Excellence is a UK government subsidized project focused on bringing rapid profit and productivity improvements in the form of practical know-how to plastics companies. PICME was launched in March, 2001; less than half way through its first term, it claims to have already achieved savings of some £55M for its clients. During Interplas, incentivized terms and conditions will be offered to companies visiting the stand. Stand 3240.

“European class CE certified machinery offered at Asian price levels” is the Rajoo Engineers claim for its blown film and sheet extrusion systems. Exhibiting with European agent Wittey Machinery, the Indian manufacturer will display the Foilex REWT 4035 monolayer blown film plant for production of shopping and vest type bags in HMHDPE. The screw and spiral channel geometry is said to ensure excellent film quality with close thickness tolerances. “Both, the energy consumption and thickness tolerances are extremely low as compared to world standards,” claims Rajoo. Stand 5566.

UK agent Wantzen will be presenting information on Windmöller and Hölscher’s range of micro and multi layer blown and cast film machinery as well as its flexo and gravure presses. The Multicool D high efficiency blown film cooling ring system for high line outputs will be among the highlights. Stand 4322.

‘One-stop-shop’ supplier of plastics materials handling equipment Wittmann UK is launching a range of improved, “low priced” granulators. Features are said to include a sound-proof design; added safety features; lower rotor speed for better cut; and pre-adjusted blades claimed to reduce change-over by more than 80 per cent. Another exhibit, the Drymax range of drying equipment is claimed to offer moisture removal “second to none”, and consistent temperature at every point throughout the hopper. An energy efficient design and “very competitive pricing” are also claimed. Centralized vacuum conveying, hopper loading, blending and mixing equipment will also be featured. Stand 5342.

For exhibition details and visitor registration, access on-line information at the Interplas 2002