The Stork Sterijuice tubular flow steriliser consists of a helical configuration of concentric double-tube heat exchanger modules. It operates on the indirect heating principle and each module has its own specific heating, regenerating, or cooling duty.

The product channel is perfectly smooth from inlet to outlet, making it suitable for both homogenous and pulpy products. The turbulent flow in the product channel, which is characterised by the absence of dead corners and dirt traps, maximises heat exchange and ensures minimum loss of production for cleaning purposes.

The Sterijuice can be equipped with a high-pressure pump that forces the juice through the heat exchanger. Depending on tube length and pump pressure, the residence time of the juice in the Sterijuice can be regulated. This makes the process both controllable and reproducible.

The juice is cooled in the last section of the Sterijuice. This is done in a short period of time, thereby minimising the thermal load on the product. In addition, a de-aerator in the process circuit may be built in when necessary.

The Sterijuice can be equipped with calibrated measuring and registration systems for subsequent traceability so the manufacturer can always demonstrate which heat treatment the juice has undergone and for what period of time.