TMS Technology has developed an in-line system that allows cans to be collected directly from the production line under gravity and fed through an inspection process.

Alternatively, a conveyor system with two or four lanes and gravity fed track accepting up to 24 cans has been devised. A camera system uses character recognition software and identifies the production source of the can from embossed characters on the base.

Cans are loaded into a two- or four-lane flat bed conveyor at the rate of 100/batch. The trimmed can gauge measures mid wall and top wall thicknesses at 1-16 positions. Can height and weight as well as dome depth, can also be measured to accuracies of 0.001mm and 0.001g.

The finished can gauge also measures internal neck diameter, height and flange width, again to the same degree of accuracy as the trimmed can inspection. The finished can gauge also has additional measuring modules such as axial load, dome growth and reversal.