The Stork rotary weight filler has been developed to fill large quantities of glass and plastics bottles on a net basis at high nominal outputs. The standard version of this filler is suitable for filling freshly squeezed juice.

In ascending order of hygienic design, the company also supplies high hygienic and ultra clean rotary fillers. HEPA filters purify the air in the filling section and drip-free filling nozzles are also installed.

For manufacturers who set even higher requirements, the Ultra Clean rotary filler offers ease of cleaning because of its minimal dimensions and all parts which can possibly come into contact with product are inclined at an angle, ensuring optimum hygiene.

If required easy clean Dolphin nozzles can be fitted and used to fill a variety of juices, with or without pulp, without foaming. An electronic weight filling system ensures high-precision filling without ‘give away’. The rotary filler can fill up to 36 000 bottles/hr.

Also available from the company is a level filler which is particularly suited to bottles that are commonly displayed side by side on shop shelves. This vacuum assisted gravity filler offers a number of filling valves and can be supplied in a number of pitch dimensions. It also features central filling level adjustment.

The linear filler offers the added benefit of the pack being checked from the beginning to the end of the filling and sealing cycle.

In addition, any turbulence of the applied laminar airflow is reduced to a minimum, thus ensuring continued aseptic integrity. Depending on the product, the volumetric filling principle, featuring piston pumps or a simple electronic flow meter is employed

Two groups of linear fillers are available, namely ultra clean fillers and aseptic fillers. The choice for an aseptic or an ultra clean execution lies again in the combination of product features, desired quality and required shelf life of the juice.

The ultra clean filler is capable of sterilising both pack and closure and so the method of filling helps yield a product with a significantly improved shelf life.

The aseptic filling machine is equipped with laminar air filter for the filling room. Both pack and closure are decontaminated with the help of hydrogen peroxide, and the product feed pipe as well as components inside the filling room are sterilisable for a machine.