During November 18-20, buyers, specifiers, technology developers and business managers will converge on Munich to meet suppliers of paper, film and foil converting machinery, materials and services at the third International Converting Exhibition and the first ICE Technical Congress. ICE 2003 will present some 3,000m2 of exhibits in Halls 2 and 3 of the MOC exhibition centre. Event director Michael Boyle says ICE 2003 represents an important stepping stone in establishing ICE as "Europe´s leading stand-alone complete converting event". He comments: "Despite difficult economic circumstances and some uncertainty surrounding trade fairs in general, I am proud to announce that ICE will showcase over 120 leading suppliers from the fields of extrusion coating, coating and laminating, siliconizing, metallizing, drying and curing, slitting and rewinding, and die cutting. "It will also act as a forum for converters from all backgrounds to meet and discuss the issues which matter to them," he adds. "For the first time there will also be an educational element to ICE, with the 'Introduction to Converting' Congress Session - for all those still learning or willing to learn. The other three sessions are on 'Self Adhesive Tape and Film Converting', 'Film Surface Treatment' and 'The Converting, Coating and Laminating Value Chain'." Visitors can pre-register at the special rate of €12 (on-line) or €16 (post or fax), and attend the half-day ICE Technical Sessions, each costing €185 (€95 for 'Introduction to Converting').

Pilot coating portfolio

Coatema will present its extensive range of coating and laminating machinery, encompassing lines for r&d and production, as well as tailor-made turnkey projects.

Its new developments include Basecoater and Easycoater lab equipment, designed to meet the demand for compact and low cost coating solutions. The Easycoater is a discontinuous device for producing individual coated substrates, such as A3 and A4 size samples. A new product line, the Starter Kit, offers a complete package for entering the coating market.

The company boasts the largest technical centre of its kind worldwide, located at its headquarters in Dormagen, near Cologne. The centre houses 10 lines with working widths up to 1,000mm, for both continuous and discontinuous operation. Hall 3, stand G21.

Versatile lathe slitting

Tesa UK offers specialist tape solutions which require precision slitting to bespoke sizes on a lathe slitting machine manufactured by CMC Cevenini. The vast number of special tapes requires an extremely versatile machine to slit everything from copper shielding tapes for the electronics industry to PVC tapes, double-sided foam tapes and bodyguard surface protection tapes for new cars.

The Cevenini slitter’s memory stores all the cutting parameters for each product to ensure repeatability; it can process logs up to 1.6m wide down to a minimum slitting width of 2mm – with a production rate of more than 1,000rolls/hour. The machine is in operation up to six days a week and is regarded as a key part of the tesa UK operation. Hall 3, stand B97.

Helping to create the right image

Drytec has developed advanced dryers for a new generation of production machinery for a leading global manufacturer of image processing equipment. The Drytec technology is said to help produce an end product with “exemplary ecological and economic characteristics”.

The production process is claimed to be carried out at the “highest level of environmental friendliness” – the inert gas drying system performs a claimed 100 per cent solvent recovery. Nitrogen is used to absorb the solvent, after which it is piped off. Then the solvent is completely separated using a cold chamber condensation process.

According to Drytec, this technology will enable industry to eliminate the burning process – which produces undesirable emissions – during waste removal. Hall 3, stand B95

Spooling suited to beginners

Specialist in spooling and traverse winding systems Double R is to demonstrate a high speed ‘Starter Pack’ mini spooling system and high speed dual trim spool unit. The starter pack system is aimed at converters who are already slitting and rewinding in the conventional way. It uses pre-slit product (typically 6-30mm wide) and converts these pre-slit reels into spools. The system’s software package is claimed to replicate the flexibility and extensive spooling characteristics of Double R’s latest high speed multi station systems.

The aim of the starter pack is to allow a converter with an initial small spooling requirement to start at a relatively low cost. The modular design of the equipment allows the system to be easily expanded with demand.

The high speed dual trim spool unit has been developed to fit easily onto any slitter or process which requires the removal of waste edge trims. It is said to be ideal for processing open adhesive products, which cannot be removed reliably with vacuum extract systems. Other advantages include reduced product contamination (no aggressive airflow creating dust); reduced waste volumes and handling costs (nicely wound tight packages); improved management of recycling materials (with a coreless wind option); and individual trim collection (keeping materials segregated for re-cycling).

Both machines will be fully operational in Hall 2, on stand N 413.

Precision cutting promise

New from Helios is the Stilo or ‘S’ series of pneumatic self locking blade carriages for scissor cutting on ball guides, for paper, film, aluminium foil and non wovens. The new ball guides are said to ensure optimum positioning of the pinion and rack movement system. Quick blade carriage insertion on the guides without adjustments is possible. The carriage self locks pneumatically on the guide before blade descent. It is also easy to move the carriage to a new cutting position, the company states.

Rapid manual cutting pressure adjustment between the blade and counter blade is possible during operation. The cutting blade is automatically protected: it is released only during descent to the roll and is covered again when lifted back to its idle position. A modular system allows new units to be easily added or removed without making mechanical adjustments. Stand G29, hall 3.

Lightest to heaviest

Double E says its DF-2000 torque activated shaftless core chuck can be used in the lightest to heaviest tension web processes. Internal rollers travel up and down bi-directional ramps for expansion and retraction of its smooth jaws (designed to avoid damage to cores). The rolling mechanism is said to ensure concentric expansion and eliminate the need for lubrication, avoiding jamming and minimizing maintenance.

Double E also offers Dura-Light lightweight carbon fibre shafts which can be stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight. These reduce operator lifting injuries, minimize maintenance, and handle heavy roll weights at high speeds. A proprietary ‘polyprene’ material drastically reduces bladder failure and increases shaft life, the company states. If the bladder does fail, replacement is quick and easy with its simple journal fastening system.

A core cutter is also available in semi automatic and manual models. Each is said to cut efficiently and quietly without creating sawdust. The machines accept cores with diameters ranging from 38-200mm, and wall thickness up to 20mm. A simple and quick modification allows the machine to switch between various core IDs. Stand E37, hall 3.

Under inspection

ICE provides an opportunity for Erhardt+Leimer to demonstrate its ELSIS surface inspection system, which has been redesigned and the versatility “expanded significantly”. ELSIS systems offer solutions for paper production and converting, hygienic non wovens production and converting, film extrusion and coating, food packaging, and pharmaceutical films. It meets ISO 9001 specifications for continuous webs and single sheets.

Highlights of the new software include roll zoom, single roll reports, comprehensive statistics and recognition of low contrast lines or repeating errors. All data collected by the system is saved in a database and can be further processed at any time using programs such as Access or Excel for producing specific company documentation. If required, ELSIS can be combined with other monitoring systems. Hall 3, stand B69.

High speed coextrusion coating lines ready to run

SML Lenzing is to expand its line of high speed coating lines to offer turnkey plants for production of packaging, household films and hygiene films. In addition to coextrusion coating, possibilities include tandem coating for more complex structures. The whole range is completed by pre-treatment equipment, and material handling and dosing systems.

The structures produced are used primarily for the packaging of food, cosmetics, chemical and medical products. By combining individual layers, special characteristics such as tensile strength, resistance to perforation, good printability, sealing and barrier qualities can be achieved. In paper coating, typical products can be found in the packing of beverages (paper/aluminium/film structures) and in the field of graphic papers with functional layers (photo, film, inkjet). Tandem lines with two extrusion and laminating units are available for double-sided coatings.

SML is co-operating with Kroenert to offer co-extrusion coating and various roll, gravure, knife-over-roll coating or die coating systems for liquid and reactive media which subsequently undergo a UV, ESH, infra red or convectional drying processes. Hall 3, stand G33.

Better tension control

The D-3100ce dancer controller with tension indicator, and the X-3100ce web tension controller together form Montalvo’s new and improved ‘top-of-the-line’ family of analog controllers with digital parameter handling. They are claimed to provide accurate, repeatable tension control on all types of web processing machinery. New features include a transferrable memory card, RS-232 interface to computer or PLC and ‘on board’ Profibus and DeviceNet fieldbus connections.

Also on show will be a wide range of loadcells, brakes and clutches, and SimPlex web guides. Hall 3, stand D187.

Custom coating offered

InteliCoat Technologies (formally Rexam Engineering) specializes in cost effective coating and laminating of flexible materials for performance applications. The company claims an extremely versatile coating capability, from large scale operations down to small scale trial facilities. Multiple coating techniques are available to match product requirements closely, including slot die, reverse roll, direct gravure and proprietary techniques.

“With shorter product life cycles and rapidly developing technologies, outsourcing contract coating and converting allow customers to respond rapidly to market changes without significant additional investment in equipment and workforce,” the company states.

Its coating equipment is specially designed and built in-house, enabling “unparalleled levels of precision and control” with solvent, aqueous, UV cured and reactive coating materials. On-site converting is also available. Hall 3, stand C133.

Functional layers for film

The Fraunhofer Alliance of Polymer Surfaces POLO claims to offer innovative solutions for manufacturers, converters and users of polymers. At ICE it will present results from research carried out in the following areas: surfaces with barrier properties for packaging technology and flexible displays; abrasion-free films for touchscreen applications; surfaces with anti bacterial properties for packaging and medical technology and cleanrooms; and indicators for flexible and transparent packaging.

The POLO strategic alliance comprises seven Fraunhofer Institutes focused on application and production orientated r&d. Its aim is to put industry in contact with individuals who have various skills and knowledge in the field of polymer surfaces.

As part of the inaugural ICE Congress on November 18, it will organize a technical session on the latest developments and trends in surface treatment. Hall 3, stand C159.

Measuring metallizing quality

Nagy Messsysteme will present its range of equipment for non contact, non destructive quality measurement of metallized materials. Various models are available for different requirements: the SRM-50 measures thickness resistance; the OD/OD 10 measures the optical thickness; and the CRT-1 is for combined applications.

Both in-line measurement directly after the coating process and post production analysis in the lab are possible. The instruments are said to ensure delicate handling of the metal layer (no scratch marks) on the substrate, and lack of wear and tear on the measuring head.

Wide web production widths can be controlled using several measuring heads together. Portable units and custom made solutions including software packages are also available. Hall 3, stand C143.

Plenty on offer from Valmet

Four Valmet divisions are presenting their latest technologies at the show.

From Atlas is a new, rewinding technique for filmic/synthetic material down to 60 micron, at speeds in excess of 600m/min. Enhanced automation systems are also said to reduce machine downtime for change-overs dramatically. Titan offers the smaller, versatile SR7 cantilever slitter with Quick Shaft differential rewinds and rapid job change-overs for shorter production runs. Features include web widths up to 1,800mm, 600-800mm rewind diameter and 600m/min top speed.

Rotomec is exhibiting two types of solutions: standard laminating for flexible packaging production, with web widths from 1,000-1,400mm and running speeds of 300-350m/min; and special purpose machines for the production of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, labelstock, pre- and post metallizing of plastics films and paper, extrusion coating and laminating and aluminium coating.

Valmet General will show a range of small scale laboratory and pilot type vacuum coaters for the holographic and security device industry. The Mini-Lab will operate at speeds of between 0.01-5m/min, with a maximum web width of 400mm, and roll diameters to 450mm. Hall 3, stand D281.

Keeping close to the customer

Polytype Converting’s Technology Centre boasts two separate machines for coating, lacquering and laminating substrates as different as paper, board, films, laminates, aluminum foil and non wovens. One machine – Techma I – simulates traditional thermal drying processes with hot air, flotation, or support dryer, as well as with medium and short wave IR, which can be combined with UV curing. Web speeds range from 10-1,000m/min at roll diameters of up to 1,000mm. A re-moisturizing unit for double-side applications and corona treating stations complete the equipment.

The second machine – Techma ll – works with UV or electron beam curing, or a combination of the two. It is therefore possible to first ‘pre-cure’ by UV before the actual EB curing. The advantage of this is that the first cure can be conducted at low energy, and the heat dissipation is gentler, more even, avoiding temperature peaks leading to the evaporation of more volatile components – causing misting or pollution of the machine, or loss of energy in the UV beamers. Web speeds are between 10-1,525m/min at roll diameters of up to 1,250mm.

The coating heads are said to be suitable for all coating materials and suit a broad range of application between 0.2-150g/m2. Hall 3, stand B89.

Chucks and shafts for paper and film

New from Schlumpf will be the MonoGrip range of expanding shafts and QuickGrip self expanding, torque activated core chucks for extra quick change-over and easy maintenance.

The MonoGrip shafts have a lightweight extruded body, constructed from a special light metal compound. The three expansion segments are operated by robust protected air bladders. Changing a bladder is said to be possible in a few minutes, thanks to the EasyService concept, without having to remove a shaft end journal. This helps to reduce downtimes for change-over and repairs to “a bare minimum,” says Schlumpf.

QuickGrip core chucks are available for 3, 4 and 6in core diameters and can be changed quickly to larger sizes using special adapters. Hall 3, stand G19.

Metallizers and slitters

Galileo Vacuum Systems will feature its new Gold metallizers and MRS slitter rewinders. The Gold/MRS is an integrated package specifically designed for film producers and large toll film metallizers. Typical web width ranges between 2,800-4,500mm with roll diameter up to 1,250mm.

Integration of the slitter with the metallizer is said to ensure that the aluminium layer remains intact during metallizing and slitting, preserving the gas and moisture barrier properties. It also provides data communication between the two machines. Hall 3, stand C151.

Laem lines up its latest slitting systems

Newcomer at ICE 2003 Laem System will present its latest generation slitter rewinder technology. The new TR-555 and TR-425 models are both said to offer an advanced drive control system, superior tension control and remote monitoring capabilities.

Also on show will be the Italian company’s LA 2500 fully automatic core cutting machine.

These models feature ‘user friendly’ computer systems – “making life simple for the operator while securing the highest standard of safety,” it is claimed. Hall 3, stand D185.

Non contact curtain coating

Nordson’s new high precision curtain coating application technology for non contact application of pressure sensitive and non reactive hot melt adhesives (EVA, PSA, UV PSA) is being developed to apply full surface coating at applications from 1-80g/m2.

The BC 70 technology is said to be ideal for bonding very contact sensitive materials or to apply minimum lay-on weights as closed adhesive film. The result claimed is a closed adhesive layer with high accuracy, allowing non contact applications with very low add-on weights. Good edge control and possible use at high production speeds are said to extend the range of potential applications.

Nordson provides complete system solutions for hot melt adhesive applications. Its range includes coating stands, melters, slot and spray guns, electronic pattern controllers and heated hoses. Hall 3, stand D189.

Solvent-free adhesive systems

Planatol manufactures natural and synthetic based cold glues, together with hotmelt adhesives for paper and foil processing, packaging and fold gluing in rotary printing – as well as water and non water based pressure sensitive adhesives for various applications.

The company’s speciality is in-house development of reactive and non reactive hotmelt adhesives and adhesive dispersions for hot and cold sealing, and for sticky surfaces which can be remoistened (as on the back of postage stamps).

Daughter company Biolink produces partially modified acrylic adhesives offering extremely high tack, and specializes in synthetic resin formulations and syntactic foams for UV curing, for use in most industrial fields. Hall 3, stand B87.

Reifenhäuser driving advances in extrusion

A gearless extruder featuring a new drive concept is the latest development from Reifenhäuser’s Troisdorf research and development centre. The company’s new lines for the extrusion of breathable films and film/non woven composites feature a short production process in which the substrate material is directly coated in what is stated to be a “cost saving but high quality operation”.

Reifenhäuser’s RQS quality service has been extended by the introduction of regional consulting centres. These will allow the company to offer local customers “competent advice” for modernization or upgrading of existing extrusion lines. Hall 3, stand C147.



Session 1: Tuesday, November 18, 2003, 13:00-17:30

Surface Treatment of Films

R&D experts will make technical presentations on the following subjects:

Latest trends in film surface treatment

Polymer surface analysis

Coating plastics films

Details from Birgit Franzl, Fraunhofer IVV, email: birgit.franzl@ivv.fraunhofer.de

Session 2: Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 09:00-13:00

The Converting, Coating and Laminating value chain and market worldwide

International speakers will make presentations on the following subjects:

Converting, Coating and Laminating Value Chain Presentation

Self Adhesive Lamination Market Worldwide

The Market for Metallized Papers and Films Worldwide

Medical Packaging Markets

Global Release Liner Market Overview

End User Requirements

Details from Corey Reardon, AWA, c.reardon@awa-bv.com

Session 3, Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 14.00-18.00

Self Adhesive Tape and Film Converting – Production, processes, technologies

Introduction, chairman: Dr Michael Gerstenberger

Dr R Milker, Dr Milker Klebstoff, Horhausen, Germany

UV crosslinkable PSA Acrylics with low shrinkage

Evert Smit, National Starch & Chemical, Zutphen, The Netherlands

Raw material development for PSAs

Benno Blickenstorfer, Collano, Sempach, Switzerland

New developments in UV curable hotmelt PSAs

Dr Volker Schmidt, tesa, Hamburg, Germany

Tendencies in Pressure-Sensitive Tape Technology

Gianfranco Lombardi, Valmet Rotomec, Casale Monferrrato, Italy

PSA Hotmelt Technology – high performance coating lines

Walther Dürholt, Kampf, Wiehl, Germany

Short roll winders for self adhesive soft films and foam tapes

Carlo Cevenini, CMC Cevenini, Concorezzo, Italy

Lathe slitting machinery for PSA tapes

Andrea Bertone; SIAT,

Packing and Printing machinery

Delegate fee: e185,00 including refreshments and hard copy of presentations

Organizer: Nimble Shows & Media, Tel: +49 (0) 8033 91231 www.ice-x.com

Session 4: Thursday, November 20, 2003, 09:00-13:00

Introduction to Converting

International speakers will make presentations on the following subjects:

Which base materials are used in the converting process?

Which materials are added or applied during the converting process?

The web and sheet-fed converting process chains

What is metallizing, coating and laminating?

The difference between drying and curing

Print processes used by converters

A guide to cutting, slitting and winding

Die cutting, hot foil stamping and other finishing processes

Details from Barbara Jäger, Nimble Shows & Media email: info@ice-x.com


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