AIMCAL – The Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators – serves as the global forum for the flexible metallizing, coating and laminating industry by providing resources, services and information that promote and encourage use of member companies' products and services while seeking solutions of interest; collecting and distributing information to improve awareness; and fostering an environment that maintains relationships and a spirit of co-operation among member companies.

Deposition developments

Kurt J Lesker manufactures thin deposition systems for production and r&d applications, both manual and fully automated. It supplies box coaters, multi chamber vacuum processing systems, and cluster tools with central transfer robots. Standard deposition systems, modified, or totally customized systems can be supplied.

The company builds cylindrical, rectangular, and spherical high vacuum chambers with linear dimensions exceeding 12ft and diameters over 9ft. Deposition sources include both evaporation (thermal, effusion, and E-beam) and magnetron sputter (linear and circular) as used in coaters and metallizers. The Torus line of magnetron sputtering sources has been redesigned for improved performance. Latest addition is a range of low temperature effusion sources for thin film organic deposition. Both cylindrical and (patented) linear geometries are available.

Lesker offers a range of pure materials in shapes and sizes to suit any diode or magnetron sputter gun, or evaporation source. Target lengths to 144in are available, but the company will custom machine any shape not currently in its range. It also offers a vacuum grade bonding service for sputter targets using indium or high temperature conductive polymer. Stand C125I.

Specialist treatment

Enercon claims to offer the most complete line of surface treating equipment on the market. Visitors to the stand will learn about the company’s new flame plasma system featuring its PowerFlame technology. Converters with difficult to treat materials will be interested in the Plasma3 atmospheric plasma treater. This versatile system, developed in co-operation with Sigma Technologies, is said to offer higher and longer lasting treatment levels and to be highly effective at treating engineered films. Many users are already reducing their reliance on chemical primers and adhesives, according to Enercon.

With atmospheric plasma, flame plasma and corona treating technologies, the company says it offers the industry a one-stop reference for evaluating technologies. Its ability to provide unbiased comparisons of treatment technologies is supported by a 60in wide lab line featuring all three processes.

Though US based, regional service is available throughout Europe including major operating centres in the UK and Switzerland. Visitors will receive a copy of the company’s latest technical sheet that compares all three treatment processes. Stand C125H.

Faustel masters film

Manufacturer of custom machinery for production of coated, laminated, and printed flexible web products Faustel will be featuring the FilmMaster rewind – “a unique concept in continuous rewinding in that it is not a typical turret design”.

The FilmMaster rewind incorporates PerfectStart splicing technology for fold-free transfers to new cores. A recent application involves continuous winding of very extensible, stretch-type film at 1,000ft/min for a 50in web width, and includes a slitting station. Proper winding is assured during roll formation by driving the roll both through the core and at the surface, utilizing a surface winding drum. Contact between roll and drum is maintained throughout the cycle of transferring the web to a new core, reducing or eliminating outer wrap scrap.

Scrap near the core of the new roll is minimized by using the PerfectStart splicing technology to eliminate tail fold-back. The design of the winder is also claimed to provide a significant advantage over conventional turret winders when multi roll slitting is required. Stand C125G.

Aluminium is our forté

Spanish company Manfisa is a specialist in aluminium wire drawing and casting manufacture. One of its specialities is pure aluminium for metallized films in all diameters and purity grades from 99.70 up to 99.99 per cent – suitable for flexible packaging, solar film, capacitors, labels, holograms, and other applications.

For metallizing films, the company winds aluminium wire layer by layer, joint-free, and degreased and cleaned to ensure a smooth deposition in the vacuum metallizing process. Each spool is individually identified to guarantee total traceability of the material. It can also supply a wide range of spools, including the new IRU 320 – offering the large capacity of 10.20kg – and others suitable for many metallizing machines.

Manfisa has ISO 9001:2000 certification and is working to register its environmental management programme under ISO 14000. Stand C125C.

Metallized PP to challenge PET film

Metalvuoto claims its new Propyl-Ester metallized oriented polypropylene film has an oxygen transmission barrier value very close to metallized polyester, without using EVOH barrier. This new product will be available from January, 2004, in thicknesses between 15-30 micron,

According to the company, laboratory and production tests in recent months have confirmed that with an optical density of 2.2/2.5, the OPP film can reach barrier values against oxygen transmission in the range from 1-4cc/m2/24hour atm (ASTM D1434). “This excellent performance has been achieved, in part, with OPP film specifically engineered and metallized with a dedicated process enhanced by plasma treatment,” it states.

As a possible substitute for metallized PET, this new film is said to offer the advantages of lower specific weight, greater metric yield, heatsealability, excellent water vapour barrier, and lower base film cost. Stand C125B.

Pilots and labs

Specialist in laboratory and pilot coating installations Werner Mathis will present the type KTF small continuous coater. This unit can be used in many different fields, such as: foil finishing and packing, coating and lamination for the production of composite foil, coating of woven materials and non wovens, and for application of medication onto carrier materials for transdermal therapeutic systems.

The coating head is suitable for direct and indirect coatings, including roller knife, floating knife, and rubber blanket knife, and the unit also include an infra red pre-dryer and hot air dryer.

The Labcoater LTE-SM features an IR radiation pyrometer to measure the surface temperature of the material to be coated. The combination of a coating table with drying oven is said to be universally suitable for direct and indirect coating of PU, acrylates, dispersions, and silicones. Coating methods include roller knife, floating knife, rubber blanket knife, back coatings, coating of both sides, and laminations. Stand C125A.

Cryogenics cut metallizing time by 20 per cent

The TVP series of vacuum pumps from Telemark Cryogenics use patented refrigeration technology claimed to reduce the pump down time from atmosphere to processing levels by 50 per cent, which in turn reduces overall process cycle times by 20 per cent. Higher cooling power also means a user will achieve a lower temperature on an equivalent pumping surface, the company states – lowering the partial pressure of water in the deposition zone of a web metallizer.

The partial pressure of water in vacuum has been shown to be a critical factor in achieving reproducible, high density films of consistent thickness.

Slitting and rewinding a speciality

Senntech’s exhibit will feature the new PW 300 semi automatic centre winder built in a modular system to allow updating to full automation. Maximum roll size is 11.8in, and it will convert any paper or PP film. Also new is the MPW300PS, to run hot stamping foil up to 80in web width, one inch core size and 11.8in OD. Fully automatic, a tape unit closes the flap of the roll in one sequence – without wrinkles, according to the company.

The MPW 150/300 fully automatic turret centre winder operates with three winding shafts. Suitable for plotter rolls, inkjet rolls, pressure sensitive material, giftwrap rolls, film and open end adhesives, it is said to be ideal for small batches. Start-up is performed without tuck or glue. Maximum roll outer diameter is 11.8in and the top speed 1,940ft/min.

The KPW 3 is a fully automatic surface winder that can convert a wide range of small rolls without the need to modify or significantly change the machine settings. It is claimed to have the ability to change to different slit widths in less than five minutes, making short production runs profitable to convert. Products can include cash register rolls and ATM rolls up to 11.8in OD.

Both machines are equipped with the SAB 2000-4Q unwind stand. This uses a regenerative drive and is controlled by a dancer roller in combination with a sensor continuously monitoring the outer diameter of the mill roll, and Senntech’s own software to ensure constant web tension. Stand C125J.

Converting Today and AIMCAL

Converting Today is now a Trade Press member of the Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators. The editorial and sales teams will be at ICE 2003, based on stand E39 in hall 3.

Conference and seminar

The AIMCAL Fall Technical Conference will be held on October 26-29, 2003, at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. For details, and to register on-line visit

A CEMA sponsored seminar on ‘Slitting and Rewinding Fundamentals for Converters’ runs on November 11-12, 2003, at the Philadelphia Airport Hilton. Visit

Wired for metallizing

Speedmet, a Turkish based company, specializes in the production of wires for the vacuum metallizing industry. The company is part of the international Welding Alloys Group, which has specialized tubular wire and associated machinery manufacturing facilities in eight countries.

Speedmet operates from a new factory in Istanbul, with a full range of equipment to manufacture high quality aluminium wire for the metallizing industry. The wire is distributed worldwide from Istanbul and from stock in Europe.

Wire can be supplied in all the standard diameters and the company aims to supply on the largest and most economical spool size for machines supplied by all the major manufacturers. Wire is available in grades to suit all applications, including high barrier films, yarn grades and electronics.

Speedmet will also be demonstrating its Information Services software package, an internet based information retrieval system, tailored exclusively for the metallizing and associated industries. Stand C125K.

How to get to the show

ICE 2003 will run from November 18-20 in Halls 2 and 3 of the MOC (Munich Order Centre), which is located directly next to the motorway exit München-Freimann on the A9 motorway. Coming from the North (Ingolstadt/Nüremberg (Munich Airport), this exit is just before Munich City Ringroad ‘Mittlerer Ring’.

For more information, contact ICE Head Office – Tel: +49 (0) 80 33 9 1231. Email: Website:

Other AIMCAL member companies exhibiting at ICE include:

BMB Bachofen & Meier (Hall 3 stand B95)

Laem System (Hall 3, stand D185)

Montalvo (Hall 3, stand D187)

Valmet Converting (Hall 3, stand D201)


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