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ArtProis a full-featured packaging preproduction editor offering unique technologies and dedicated tools focused on your major pre-press pain points (e.g. CAD/graphics alignments, trapping, distortion, screening, barcodes, …). If you want to drastically reduce the cost of errors and increase the efficiency of your Mac-based preproduction department, ArtPro is the answer.

As it supports all industry standard file formats, ArtPro can be integrated in any packaging workflow but due to a seamless integration with ArtiosCAD and Automation Engine, ArtPro turns Software Suite 10 into a complete and unbeatable packaging solution.

  • Proven Adobe® PS and PDF 1.6 import, while the CAD import preserves all the properties of the structural design files.
  • Packaging quality control tools like Preflight, Viewer and Studio (optional module) detect problems in an early stage and reduce the risk of wasted proofs, plates, press stops and claims.
  • Packaging-rich features boost the productivity of the operator. For many technologies (3D visualization, color separations, screening allocation, trapping and barcode generation), Esko defines the industry standard.
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Esko - Packaging and Printing Pre-Media Solutions