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Rexam Personal Care Division - Advanced Packaging Solutions


Rexam’s Mechanical Foamers: the Choice of Personal Care Product Makers

The pioneer in popularizing one-touch foamers, Rexam guarantees each and every pump shipped to be free of defects for the life of the product. The company’s patented foamers, which operate without chemicals or propellants of any kind, have been widely adopted by brand owners around the world and are beloved by consumers young and old.

As the pre-eminent global, single-source supplier of foamers, customers benefit in several key ways. Delivery is complete and on-time. Worldwide production, sales and technical support is assured. And Rexam provides unsurpassed adaptability to formulations and decoration/customization options.

"Our pumps are computer crafted to create different densities, in a wide range of dosages, for any market where the product is transformed from a solid to a liquid," said Casper Kleiman, Product Manager – Foam, Rexam Personal Care. "A perfect example is soap, which has evolved from bars, to liquid soaps, to foam. The same evolution can apply to many different markets and products," he said.

The appeal of Rexam quality foam is readily apparent upon usage. Because foam – a mixture of liquid and air – has such tremendous differentiating properties, it creates consumer excitement that leads to trial and repurchase. These properties include the visual appeal of the greater volume, the ease of handling (which makes it easy to apply), ease of spreading and soft, gentle tactile feel, which is described by consumers as being both "light" and "dense."

In addition, foam has better efficacy than the liquid version of the same basic product and, from the consumer standpoint, is fun to use – which encourages greater usage.

"No wonder foam is a great addition to any existing product line," said Kleiman. "It’s great for relaunching an existing product, to demonstrate innovation and create a new sense of shelf appeal."

Rexam creates and manufactures its pumps in its own facilities worldwide. Categories include table top pumps, for larger products, hand-held pumps (including the increasingly popular mini-foamers, perfect for sampling and on-the-go use) and the latest platform in Rexam foam technology: the squeeze foamer.

"Our EZi squeeze foamer is designed to turn your market category upside-down, with just one squeeze," said Kleiman. The EZi, with its bottom-facing engine, is designed for one-hand, 360-degree operation, making it perfect for a wide range of product applications, including bath and shower products and baby care, where one-handed operation is a plus. In addition, it is designed for efficient shelf-space placement, with plenty of room for on-package description.

Growth in Rexam foamer usage continues in continental Europe, the UK, throughout the Americas and in the Pacific Rim. Product segments include hair care, sun care, hand soaps, baby care, pet care, dental- and feminine hygiene, household cleaners, automotive aftermarket and more.

In fact, Rexam mechanical foamers are increasingly used by prestige brand owners seeking to build upon the success of fragrances and make-up with new, highly differentiating, line extensions. "The key is that our foamers communicate higher perceived value, in a wider range of markets, than ever before – and we see no signs that this trend will abate anytime soon."

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Rexam Personal Care Division - Advanced Packaging Solutions