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Big bag discharge systems – all-purpose connection system for more flexibility

AZO’s time-tested big bag connection system has acquired some additional, very practical new features specifically for this application. Independent connection systems have been developed to meet the special requirements in the sector of big bag handling.

The big bag discharge system with vacuum docking ensures a dust-tight connection for big bags and reliable discharge of free-flowing bulk solids. It is therefore especially suitable for big bags that have no discharge spout or only a very short one. It is possible to discharge the entire contents of one big bag into the next hopper within a short time.

The advantages of the system:

  • no dependence on suppliers of raw materials
  • for universal use
  • simple construction makes it easy to clean
  • saves height and space
  • high-grade chromium-nickel steel design.

The big bag being discharged is lifted with hoisting gear and lowered onto the big bag discharge station until it comes into contact with the vacuum docking system. This system generally consists of a cylindrical housing around the top edge of which is a continuous vacuum channel that is open at the top. The spacer grating covers the top opening. A under pressure generator can be connected on the underside of the vacuum channel. As soon as the big bag is placed on the spacer grating, the under pressure generator creates a vacuum to form a temporary, dust-tight connection between the underside of the big bag and the docking system. This new solution has been registered as a utility model under the number DE 20 2012 003 109.0 at the German Patent Office. There are two different discharge systems offered, depending on the type of big bag being used.

Big bag connection system with slitting device

After docking, the big bag is slit open at the bottom with a pneumatically operated, circular blade that results in a 270° cut. The fabric segment can be folded down out of the way to create an opening out of which the product can flow. A massager device can be used to aid discharge in the case of poorly flowing bulk solids.

The advantages of the system:

  • reliable discharge of big bags with either a short or no discharge spout
  • ideal solution for low ceiling clearance
  • dust-free docking and reliable discharging
  • easy handling
  • reliable discharge of big bags, which have hardened and where clumps have formed as a result of extended storage, thanks to a 4-fold massager device.

Big bag slitting device with massager device

Big bag connection system for big bags with very short discharge spouts
Once docked, it is possible to reach into the interior of the housing using the gauntlets. The big bag spout is opened and the product can be discharged into the following hopper within the closed system without generating dust. By using the gauntlets, it is possible to close the outlet of the empty big bag again to prevent any residue from escaping when it is disconnected. The integrated lighting and generously sized sight glass provide an uninterrupted view of the big bag outlet.

The advantages of the system:

  • avoidance of foreign particles and packaging residue in bulk goods
  • no destruction of big bags
  • visual inspection of the discharge process is ensured
  • dust-free docking and reliable discharging
  • easy handling.
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Bulk material handling