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AZO®Plus – Get more information

Everything in one place – the new information platform from AZO gives you important information about your machines and systems. Use an RFID or a QR Code reader to identify the component you need, and you will get all the relevant data in a single app: operating and maintenance instructions, installation videos, certifications and other important documents, online shop for spare parts, electrical wiring diagrams and more.

It is sadly still often the case in many manufacturing companies that operating instructions and plant documentation live out a lonely existence in a cupboard somewhere. Other documents, such as the spare parts catalogue, might be in the procurement department – locked up and out of sight. And installation videos? No chance! As a result, the need for maintenance personnel to access these important documents at any time is often unintentionally denied.

AZO is coming to the rescue with its new information platform, AZO®Plus. Each component has a unique identifier which can be stored on an RFID chip or in a QR Code. If the operator identifies a component in the plant, they can use a mobile device to view all the existing information relating to this part: exploded drawings and 3D models, parts lists, documentation including certifications and attestations, material numbers for ordering spare parts, maintenance schedules etc. What’s more, there are videos explaining how to replace worn parts, for example.

For safe operation of the plant, it is immensely important that industrial machines are fitted with the right tools. The identifier can be used to ensure that the plant can only be put into operation when it has the right equipment. Essential replacement parts (screens, mixers, screws etc.) will authorise production only after correct identification. This is another step on the path to safe, reliable production.

The entire history of the machine or component can be recorded with no gaps. When was which wearing part or component replaced? How long is the service life of a particular spare part, when should it be reordered? This prevents production downtimes and facilitates scheduling of maintenance works.

From operator to plant director, every relevant employee has access to the same pool of information, which is always up to date even following expansions to the plant. It is possible to set up different user levels using the permissions management tool. For example, if it is established that the maintenance employee can order the necessary spare part directly, this can be done from a mobile device while inspecting the machine.

Looking to Industry 4.0, the AZO®Plus platform presents even more opportunities. For example, with an interface to plant control, production data for the plant can be displayed in real time. The information platform will be continually developed and updated, just like AZO’s machines.

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