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Bulk material handling


AZO LIQUIDS – solids meets liquids

In continuous processes and in semi-batch processes, solids are introduced using fast-rotating tools (homogenizers, pumps, etc.) in the current state of the art. In many cases this leads to a loss in quality of the suspensions or solutions thus produced.

AZO LIQUIDS’ new method of powder wetting can disperse solids (very carefully) with low impact, so that the structure of the solid particles is retained. This leads to high-qual-ity suspensions, which can be safely processed in the subsequent stages.

With the method described, soluble and insoluble dry materials are processed perfectly at variable shear rates. A number of solids can be dispersed into the carrier fluid and sev-eral liquids can be metered in – all in all, a highly flexible system for a wide range of solid / liquid applications.

Logistics for precise dosing of solid

Agitator vessel (stirred-tank), vacuum mixers, coating lines, reactors, horizontal mixers, dough kneading machines, extruders, etc. are the core apparatuses in the production of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Crucial for the quality of the end prod-ucts, which are taken from these core apparatuses, is the highly precise and reliable dos-ing of liquids with different properties.

AZO LIQUIDS supplies the entire logistical systems for storage, dosing and temperature control of bulk liquids from large storage tanks, standard containers such as IBCs, drums and canisters down to the metering of very small quantities.

In conjunction with the solid expertise of AZO SOLIDS we are able to supply our customers with "All-round care packages" without the usual interfaces between solids and liquid handling.

Vacuum processing plants for high-quality emulsions and suspensions

Manufacture of liquid and semi-solid foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
Especially for demanding tasks should be no compromise in the production.

AZO LIQUIDS exploits synergies within the AZO Group to the maximum, with the three specialist firms AZO SOLIDS, AZO CONTROLS and AZO LIQUIDS. At the exhibition stand, the two affiliated companies, AZO SOLIDS and AZO LIQUIDS, are exhibiting many examples of how AZO LIQUIDS’ solutions for processes can be integrated simply and intelligently on different scales for various areas of application.

AZO LIQUIDS’ customers in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries rely above all on the dependable and reproducible production processes of our plants. Maxi-mum flexibility, efficient use of energy, fully automatic controls and consistent quality features are what set products from AZO LIQUIDS apart. Added to these advantages is our comprehensive industry expertise in all aspects of raw materials handling, from deliveries of raw materials to output and metering, mixing and controlling. AZO covers all areas of food production and develops bespoke solutions for its customers.

The vacuum processing plants in our portfolio range from 10 l pilot plants through to 12,000 l production plants; and from 100 l/h up to 5000 l/h in the case of plants for contin-uous production processes.

Above and beyond this, you can expect AZO LIQUIDS to provide professional plant engi-neering, taking full account of your particular requirements, and to collaborate closely with you in developing solutions for your process.

The AZO Group, with the three specialist firms AZO SOLIDS, AZO CONTROLS and AZO LIQUIDS, designs and builds complete turnkey plants for fully automated processes with solid and liquid materials. Thanks to its wide-ranging experience of the food, pharmaceu-ticals, chemicals and plastics industries, the company has acquired very extensive knowledge in the field of raw materials handling.

Examples of plants we have built

Food industry

  • Continuous production of spreads for bread
  • Fully automatic production of batter for waffles


  • Semi-continuous production of laundry liquids with continuous fine metering of granu-lates


  • Continuous production of tooth paste products
  • Continuous production of hair care products.

AZO LIQUIDS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of processing plants for the food and pharmaceuticals industries for processing liquid and semi-solid substances. In 2008 the company was founded in Neuenburg am Rhein, Germany, as zoatec GmbH by engineers with many years of accumulated experience in the field of liquid and semi-solid processes.

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Bulk material handling