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Polipaks Print Perfection

Polipaks now offer the highest quality of print for flexible packaging with Expanded Gamut Printing. This includes a CMYK+OGV option with high resolution of 175LPI, printed on Flexo HD printing machines providing top quality vibrant branding. Pre-press and Printing departments are fully ready to work closely with customers and designers to develop the best-looking print and help brand-owners to make their product packaging stand out in store.

Since its incorporation in 1996, Polipaks has continuously grown its capabilities, with a workforce dedicated to delivering flexible packaging to the highest standard. With over 25 years exporting to international markets, Polipaks has a broad product offering supplying food, grocery, hygiene, industrial and pet markets with impressive service levels and delivering eye catching quality packaging for customers in more than 30 countries.

Polipaks have a mission to make perfect packaging bespoke to customer needs. With this mission comes the drive to continually improve their offering and machinery. They now have the worlds’ best machinery to offer hundreds of different specifications across a multitude of products. They say a picture paints a thousand words and Polipaks believe this is also applicable to packaging, with a key focus on creating the best impact for fantastic first impressions in the retail setting. Polipaks not only invest in the functionality of the packaging but also work hard to create high impact print.

 Less is more

With a new method of applying colour to film, Polipaks are at the forefront of print innovation. The combination of less ink volume and precise colours provides an even better print outcome. As well as better print results, there is a reduction in carbon footprint due using less material and energy during the technical process.

 Outstanding print

Expanded gamut printing adds 3 more inks (orange, green, violet) to standard CMYK together with increased printing resolution. This delivers the highest level of print quality. In conjunction with digital colour pantone standard, this new standard results in the best impact for branding over unlimited repeats of designs, no matter how big the print run is.

The highest lineature of resolution (175LPI) is now available which provides an incredible advantage to help bring designs to life. Increasing lineature print quality together with colour management brings to light even the tiniest details of design elements and showcases packaging in a superior quality – which is what all brands deserve!

Making it easy

Polipaks full cycle 35,000m2 production facility in Latvia aims to cover off all the complexities of packaging print, giving the customer peace of mind. This includes a pre-press department where artwork checks are conducted in-house by quality assurance teams. Here, adjustments can be made if necessary. Print-proof printouts are all prepared by the Polipaks’ team of highly skilled designers using modern software technology.

The highest quality standards are upheld for every print run using 100% quality control cameras, automatic viscosity controls and automatic ink formulation stations. Polipaks strive to make world class packaging, having invested in printing plates produced inhouse together with the world’s leading suppliers adding value that is obvious. This ensures a superior artwork application to packaging during the print process.

Whether you need an improved impact in store or more environmentally responsible packaging, speak to Polipaks today at sales@polipaks.com to find out how they can make your brand look outstanding! Alternatively, for more general information, please visit www.polipaks.com or follow Polipaks on LinkedIn.

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