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O-I Europe - The World’s Leading Glassmaker


Decoding Black Glass by O-I

As a fresh packaging trend, black glass give brands an outstanding shelf presence, but why? To whom does it appeal and how does black glass create its impact?

A few weeks after launching trademarked Black glass by O-I, the worldwide leader for glass packaging reveals the results of a consumer study undertaken on its behalf in the UK and France by the Ipsos Institute.

The first result is that consumers accept the black colour for both beverage and food products. Black glass did not leave any of the research groups cold and definitely has a strong captivating power as well as a modern image.

“The black one would have a richer, darker flavour.”

The study also shows that the use of Black glass by O-I is ideal for extensions to brands that are already well known on the market. Their brand identification is so strong that they can withstand the impact of the black packaging.

An outstanding product that enhances brand segmentation

As a result of its originality, Black glass requires strong affinity with a product. It must be compatible with what the consumers feel for the brand and what they expect from it. For instance, packaging fruit juice in black glass can be a sensitive area and needs a special approach.

Adding gravitas to ‘grown up’ brands

While black is often associated to luxury, the study shows that, when used in the food segment, consumers consider it as a contemporary design feature. Black does symbolize a sophisticated product and makes it appear more “grown up”. That is why Black glass by O-I perfectly fits serious brands designed for consumption in bars or nightclubs, especially for sodas and energy drinks.

“It gives an impression of hand-crafted beer; this is the image they want to give.”

As for champagne and its imaginative universe, English consumers show great interest in Black glass by O-I for any purpose, while the French are keen using it more specifically to celebrate a special date or an event.

“It’s sophisticated, classy, it gives a luxurious image.”

A tailored “a la carte” use for wines and spirits

In the powerful world of spirit branding, consumers felt the use of black will vary according to individual circumstances and depends on the precise mix of marketing factors.

“It evokes the world of the night.”

In the wine market, using Black glass for well known names is an issue because it may not match with the established brand and its existing territory. Nevertheless, it is well adapted for limited series or special occasions. It is the same for some top-of-the-range spirits such as cognacs or whiskies, for which a black version can augment and energise the range. More standard alcohols such as liqueurs or vodkas are the ideal targets for Black glass by O-I because it gives them an enhanced status and outstanding visibility.

“It looks like a collector’s piece.”

Last but not least, using black in the food segment is a challenge due to the consumption criteria. In the case of products used little and often, such as olive oil for instance, the opacity of the bottle restricts the users’ ability to check the level of the contents; this generates a negative reaction. However, Black glass by O-I can enhance the power of top-of-the-range products by boosting them to an ultra-premium position.

Both French and British consumers regard Black glass by O-I as one of this year’s most significant packaging trends, with a wide ranging application and differing values dependent on the precise product it contains.

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O-I Europe - The World’s Leading Glassmaker