A range of ‘yuck-free’ packaging, which absorbs unsightly meat juices, is being promoted by Linpac Plastics following research showing that most meat-eaters enjoy meat but cannot stand the sight or touch of blood.

The survey was conducted with 2000 interviews across the UK of which 250 were in-depth.

The research among UK consumers across the country revealed people are squeamish when handling meat and meat juices, with 69% of those surveyed disliking absorbent pads in meat packaging.

Respondents typically keep meat refrigerated in its packaging prior to cooking, tentatively removing any bloodstained packaging and absorbent pads followed by hand-washing and even bin cleaning.

To address these problems Linpac is extending its LINdri and LINfresh Plus range of absorbent trays which soak up unsightly meat juices. The absorbent LINfresh Plus tray combines absorbent foam with high barrier technology for use in modified atmosphere packaging.