The company brought their full service & sustainable solutions to color cosmetic, skincare, haircare, body care, and personal care beauty brands who visited the MakeUp in Los Angeles show


WWP Beauty Launched Innovative Turnkey, Packaging and Accessories Solutions at MakeUp in Los Angeles. (Credit: WWP Beauty)

WWP Beauty, a world-class full-service supplier to the global beauty industry, launched a lineup of new and sustainable turnkey, packaging, and accessories collections during the MakeUp in Los Angeles tradeshow. The company’s booth featured a playful and social-friendly Instagram wall for visitors and customers to snap a picture in front of, and their show theme, ‘Playground’ was centered around bringing back the fun, connection, and an optimistic outlook to the in-person event.

Josh Kirschbaum, WWP Beauty CEO, commented “We could not have been more excited to return to the MakeUp in Los Angeles event, showcasing our company in a way that the industry has not seen previously. It was important for us to bring with us multiple turnkey, packaging, and accessories collections that offered sustainable solutions for every category of beauty, with the ultimate goal of helping every beauty brand find its path to create a positive impact on the planet.”

During the show, WWP Beauty launched ten new collections across every category of beauty, including:

Playground – Bring the fun back to your skincare routine, with this natural derived product collection. The sensorial, skin-loving & transformative formulations are enhanced with probiotics & ashwagandha that bring balance & relieve stress.

Hair Retreat – A beauty wellness moment and the skintification of hair. Innovative formulation, mindful accessories & sustainable packaging, designed to host products that detox, strengthen and promote the overall health of the scalp & hair.

Beauty Bites – A collection of bite-size packaging designed for beauty on the go that will help create small beauty moments throughout the day, proving the best things comes in a small package.

Body Cult – Wellness redefined, protect your wellbeing and the planet through a sustainably curated collection of body care packaging that promotes indulgence, relaxation, and the recharge of your body and soul.

Manly – A fluid collection of functional packaging tailored to enhance the grooming experience.

Double Care – A multifunctional collection of dual packaging solutions that declutter lifestyles & life spaces. More benefits & less waste.

Color Revolution – A collection of mindful, color cosmetic refillable packaging solutions that reduce material usage, lower carbon emissions, promote a more circular design system, and ultimately help create a more sustainable future.

Side Effect Dropper – The universal sustainable package with a new gesture and endless options in PCR, Glass, and Molecular Recyclable materials.

Mono Material Pump – A mono-material, recycle-friendly pump made for all things beauty.

Eco Bags – Sustainable and stylish eco-smart bags in a wide array of sustainable materials including Bamboo Fiber, Recycled & Organic Cotton, Soybean Fiber, Hemp, Kraft Paper, Lychee Grain Regenerated PU, Recycled Vegan Leather, Cork, RPET, Recycled PVB, Recycled EVA, Tencel, and Tyvek.

Source: Company Press Release