The two new collections feature Eastman’s Cristal One Renew and Cristal Renew copolyester, giving brands new options for sustainable packaging


Clearly Sustainable, Molecular Recycled & Recyclable Technology. (Credit: GlobeNewswire, Inc./ WWP Beauty)

WWP Beauty, a world-class full-service supplier to the global beauty industry, announces their collaboration with Eastman as part of the company’s commitment to providing customers with the sustainable technologies and materials. The two companies have been on this journey together since 2021 when WWP Beauty obtained their International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC), which certifies that the molecular recycled content of their products can be traced through the entire development cycle from creation to manufacturing.

Jennifer Adams, WWP Beauty CEO commented, “Partnering with like-minded, eco-conscious organizations such as Eastman is part of the WWP Beauty ‘pillars of purpose’, of giving our customers access to the latest in sustainability and making a positive and purposeful impact on the planet. We are proud to partner with and leverage Eastman’s superiority in molecular recycled resin technologies, as we advance our shared commitment to building a more circular beauty system. WWP Beauty’s Taicang manufacturing facility has received the ISCC certification, so brands can feel confident that we are providing them with socially responsible and sustainable certified packaging materials”.

WWP Beauty has launched two new packaging collections in Eastman’s Cristal One Renew and Cristal Renew.

WWP Beauty  |  Eastman Cristal One Renew Collection – Clearly Sustainable, Molecular Recycled & Recyclable Technology

Cristal One Renew Collection features a heavy wall jar, lip-gloss, and a compact with a luxurious bluish tint and a rich look and feel. This collection is designed with recyclable RIC 1 resin featuring 50% molecular recycled content and helps create a more circular economy.

Eastman’s Cristal One Renew resin has passed testing by both APR in the U.S. and EPBP in Europe, indicating recyclability in the PET recycle stream. Made by using Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies, which source waste plastic feedstock in place of fossil resources, Cristal One Renew results in 20-30% fewer GHG emissions when compared to traditional resin manufacturing; and also enables landfill diversion.

WWP Beauty  |  Eastman Cristal Renew Collection – Sustainability you can see through, Molecular Recycled Technology

A collection of a jar, lip-gloss, and a compact featuring luxurious crystal-clear resin with a glass-like look and feel designed with 50% molecular recycled content (RPETG 50%).

Cristal Renew is indistinguishable from virgin resin, with a zero drop-off in performance or aesthetics due to the advanced molecular recycling process.

Both collections will help advance the recycling of more materials, encourage recycling behavior and prevent plastic from going to waste.

Source: Company Press Release