A packaging seminar to be held in London on December 4 will disseminate the results of various projects funded by the UK Government.

Foremost among these will be a PIRA/Packaging Federation study into the competitiveness of the packaging manu- facturing industry. This will be a multi-sector study taking into consideration previous competitiveness studies in the various material streams.

The seminar will also disseminate the results of the e-commerce impact study conducted by PWC earlier this year, as well as the work of the Pioneer Group on Sectoral Sustainable Development Strategies and the Foresight programme Faraday Packaging Partnership.

Packaging Federation chief executive Ian Dent comments: “This is an ideal seminar for the packaging supply chain to become involved with how the Government is supporting and funding activities affecting the sector. There will be some key lessons to be learned from all of these studies, but the value can only come from senior representatives of the industry engaging in a dialogue on how and whether the results can benefit the UK industry.”

For details call +44 (0)20 7808 7217. Email: ian_dent@packagingfedn.co.uk