A new generation of wide roll slitters from Adolf Müller incorporates a centre winding facility with individual winding stations. The initial brief was to design a new and improved winding system which allows better and constant roll quality at higher machine speeds – especially important for thin BOPP packaging films which require large diameter rewinds. The new model includes a shaftless unwind with regenerative braking, an inspection section, and a scrap rewinder with a new type of vacuum splicing table. There is also a shear cut slitting section and four rewind stations for product rewind and two traversing edge trim winders.

The shear cut section has a convenient knife change, said to guarantee a perfect slitting edge even for difficult products. The machine can be used to search and identify defects in the film and the scrap rewinder winds up rejected materials. To help the operator splice the film without wrinkles and folds, Müller has developed a vacuum splicing table which automatically aligns and prepares the head and the tail of the film in order to apply the splicing tape accurately.

Electro-mechanical movement of the winding stations is said to allow very smooth movement under all winding speeds and acceleration conditions. These stations are capable of winding up to 1,000mm rewind diameter and can be linked up for wide roll rewinding to combine the strength of two rewind motors. The contact and tension pick-up rollers are mounted on a common traverse which features more ‘parking’ areas for un-used roller units.


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